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Does your House reflect how you live? Posted On 19 August 2021

Interior choices which will enhance your life


It seems obvious that where you live should reflect how you live. Recently, our way of living has evolved, and our homes need to catch up. Read on to discover how you can adapt your living space to reflect your current way of living.

The home office is now no longer an extra but one of the rooms we require. You might have to search for this space as not all homes will have a room which can be dedicated to this purpose. In this case, correct furniture choice is key. Sound panels can be used to create privacy at your desk or table whilst secret drawers allow you to keep your work surface tidy – important when you are having serious virtual client or business meetings.

Many companies are producing sets of chairs that are similar but not identical in shape for form. Manufacturers are attempting to create a style that can be tailored to the user and can reappear throughout the house. Less focus is being given to creating a single look but instead companies are designing collections that fit together and can be used throughout your home in various different settings.

Another living trend that has emerged is ‘little living rooms’. These spaces are easy to set up and can be anywhere in your house. Having multiple ‘living corners’ throughout your home serve as places for a quick chat or a short break. To create such a space, you could use a small sofa, a lounge chair or a small table and chairs. Furniture no longer has a fixed role within your home but has evolved to become much more multi-functional. Folding screens can be used to create privacy within your home and will easily separate larger rooms to create smaller, more intimate settings.

The pandemic also appears to have driven home the need for nature and greenery in our lives. The trend for house plants, green hues and forest-effect wallpaper has rocketed over the past year.

When designing your home, think about what you need. Do you need a private space for work? Does an open-plan kitchen with various workspaces suit your family’s needs? Consider how you use the space and plan around it.

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